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A trained police canine from Southern Police Canine can be one of the most effective investigative and productive law enforcement tools available today. It has been shown that crime rates drop and public relations between citizens and police increase in areas with sociable, controlled, well-trained police service canines.

Southern Police Canine also offers narcotics and explosive detection services for businesses and industries. (The service is conducted on a confidential contracted basis, *Prices will vary*)

Whether you are starting a canine program, need assistance with your current program or request detection services; contact Southern Police Canine today!


All canines are 100% guaranteed suitable for police canine service and will perform to buyer’s satisfaction upon delivery. Each canine will possess a current health certificate from a licensed veterinarian and is guaranteed to be free of any disease or hereditary malformation for a period of one year.

Due to increasing police canine legislation and liability concerns, remedial training and re-certification is encouraged and is included at no charge to the buyer for the working life of the police service canine. SPCI recommends and offers this re-certification on an annual basis.

Those classes offered through an NC community college may be eligible for CEUs from the sponsering college.