Detection Canine Handler Course


Your Southern Police canine will be trained in the basics of obedience-control. During the course while working with their handler, the canine will be trained in either of the following two categories:

  • Locate and indicate the presence of Cocaine, Heroin or any other odor requested.
  • Locate specific explosive odors in various amounts and strengths.

Handler training will be conducted in numerous environments, vehicles and other realistic settings. Handlers will be well-versed in canine safety and healthcare by a licensed veterinarian, search patterns and techniques, as well as legal updates and considerations.

The handler will be required to obtain an 80% proficiency in practical examination and an 80% proficiency in a written examination to receive certification from Southern Police Canine.

This course of instruction is two weeks (130 hours) for narcotics or three weeks (180 hours) for explosives.